Translation and transcreation services from English and Portuguese to Polish

Specialised translation, editing, proofreading and transcreation services from English and Portuguese into Polish for Art, Fashion, Museums, Tourism & the Creative Industries.

Fashion Translation

If you want to successfully reach the Polish market, I can help you make sure that your written promotional material or website copy is correctly adapted to the needs of your Polish shoppers, fashionistas, partners and the press and that it conveys your brand’s voice in a way that appeals to each type of audience you are targeting.

Art Translation

If you are a publisher, art gallery, academic, art journalist, commercial gallery or an auction house, I will work with you to make sure you successfully reach your Polish audience, adopting the right approach to address the specific sensitivities to style required in your particular text type and purpose.

Museum Translations

If you need an informative and accessible translation for you museum website, maps, audio guides, wall texts and labels to connect with your visitors, I will help you engage your current Polish audiences and attract new ones.

Audio Translations

If you have an audioguide script for visitors touring your museum, gallery or a place of interest, I can translate it into Polish for you, taking care of the needs of your visitors and making sure their experience is as informative as it is smooth and enjoyable.

Art Translations

Translating for the art world requires selecting the right language register and taking into account the function of the text and the needs and expectations of the end user of the text. After all, an art buyer in an auction will expect a different style than a casual visitor to an art gallery. Similarly, the language in a caption card or label under a painting will be different from the language in a press release promoting a new exhibition. As a qualified translator and trained art historian I understand these different needs and will adapt the translation accordingly without losing the spirit and flair of the original text.

Museum Translations

Visitors are the heartbeat of any museum, art gallery and heritage site – you want to attract and engage them, making sure your collections are accessible to them. Providing your visitors with promotional material in their native language will enrich their experience and help make your collections more accessible and engaging. Whether you want to bring a painting to life, promote an exhibition or evoke an emotion, I will translate your message into Polish in a way that makes sure it is coherent and accessible to your chosen visitor profile and suitable for the given purpose.

Audio Translations

Translating words that are to be spoken – whether they are for an audio guide, advert, video or other medium – requires specific skills and an awareness of the constraints and challenges of this very specific type of translation, including the length, pronunciation, clarity, style and the connection between the spoken word and images and/or objects they describe. I will ensure that the Polish translation of your audio guide script is appropriately adapted, paying special attention to the flow, clarity and length of sentences and the particular needs to the listener if you are planning to prepare a version for young museum visitors.

Fashion Translations

Translating fashion requires a unique combination of creative and technical translation skills: one day the translator may be working on persuasive marketing copy or press release about a new collection, which require creativity, literary flair and familiarity with actual trends, collaborations and other events in the world of fashion and culture, but the next he or she may in turn be translating repetitive and highly technical product descriptions, requiring excellent attention to detail, thoroughness and good research skills. Since fashion is first and foremost a visual (and sensory) medium, it's important that the translator, apart from the usual linguistic flair and skill, has that visual sensitivity, too. I will tailor your Polish text to suit your chosen target audience and make sure your promotional copy is fresh, attractive and persuasive, simulating the desire to buy. And don’t worry about that technical terminology – I have that covered, too!

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As a specialised freelance translator I help museums, art galleries, heritage sites, tourist attractions, audio-guide production companies and fashion retailers and designers choose the right words to create an engaging, inspiring message in a language they don’t speak. Let me help you attract visitors and connect with your audiences by providing high-quality translations of your exhibition catalogues, website content, audio guides and more. Fill in the form below and I will get back to you so that we can discuss your specific needs and requirements.

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