Services I offer

Translation, localization, revision, transcreation, editing... from English and Portuguese into Polish.

If you have invested a lot of time and money into producing convincing, high-quality marketing and promotional materials, surely you want the Polish version to be equally convincing and high-quality. Only a native Polish speaker and professionally qualified translator can help you achieve this aim. And the icing on the cake is that this package comes with a bonus: the attention to detail, the sensitivity to the nuances of language and the persuasion skills of a professionally qualified translator who also happens to be a First Class Philosophy graduate – perfect!

Fields of Specialization

Travel & Tourism

  • Guide books
  • Cruise descriptions
  • Museum leaflets
  • Art gallery leaflets
  • Tourist information
  • Restaurant menus
  • Hotel brochures
  • Travel operator websites
  • Accommodation provider websites
  • Hotel websites
  • Exhibition reviews
  • Art criticism articles

Advertising and Marketing

  • Company brochures
  • Marketing leaflets
  • Company websites
  • Merchandising documentation
  • Product catalogues
  • Blog posts
  • Feature articles
  • News articles

General Communication

  • General documentation
  • Correspondence
  • Internal letters and memos
  • Brochures

Fashion and Retail

  • Consumer goods documentation
  • Product packaging text
  • Textile technology
  • Clothing marketing leaflets
  • Electrical appliance specification sheets
  • Domestic appliance user manuals
  • Product ingredients
  • Wine labels
  • Instruction manuals
  • Footwear product documentation
  • Product fact sheets

Art & Museums

  • Exhibition reviews
  • Art history books and articles
  • Art Criticism articles

Services in detail


Translation is not simply replacing words in one language with words in another language. It depends on the context, situation, mode of delivery (whether it is a website, an internal memo, a message on a device screen or a book) and the type and needs of the target end user. I can translate your text into Polish using a language your readers will be able to relate to – the style they expect to see in a brochure, instruction manual, contract, on a website or in a marketing leaflet.

Revision, editing and proof-reading

The quality of the translations of your brochures, website, documents etc. is part of your brand and corporate image just like the quality of your original English copies. Poor quality will reflect badly on your image and brand prestige, so if you already have translations of your marketing materials, but are not getting the required or expected response, I can analyse them to see where the problem is and establish how it should be fixed. Or if you have a text which is going to be published and want to double check if your existing translation is fit for purpose, I can proof-read it to ensure top quality – flawless style and all the commas in the right places!

Localization and keyword research

If you are planning to sell your products in Poland, I can adapt your materials (product descriptions, product labels, marketing brochures, websites or FAQ text) to suit the tastes and consumption habits of the consumers in the Polish market, making sure that they accommodate the users’ cultural needs and that the information like dates, addresses and phone numbers provided is given in proper local formats and that currencies and units of measure are converted to those used locally. And if you provide me with your keywords, I will carry out the necessary keyword search to make sure that the right Polish equivalents are used in your Polish website to boost your website's visibility and generate high traffic.

Terminology management and translation memory creation

Consistent style and terminology is an essential part a professional brand image. I can use any existing translations you have to build a glossary to make sure that consistency with your existing terminology is kept in any future translations. I can also create a translation memory (TM) out of the existing translations of your brochures, manuals or other texts to help you to leverage your existing assets and the investment already made – this way any text that has already been translated and proofread does not have to be translated again, but can simply be reused. To aid this process, I use the latest translation and terminology management software.

Assistance in communication and correspondence

Impress your Polish clients or partners with letters, e-mails and other correspondence written in impeccable Polish. I can help with phone calls, too, or provide you with advice on business etiquette and local culture and habits so that you better understand the needs and expectations of your Polish clients or target customers.

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