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  • Q: We need to have some existing translations updated and some new text added to our user manuals, but it is crucial that we keep consistency with the terminology already used in the previous translations. Is this something you can do? 02-01-2016

  • Q: I already have some of my texts translated, but I need a revision as I don?t think I am getting the response I want. Can you do this? 02-01-2016

  • Q: What file formats can you handle? 02-01-2016

  • Q: What do you specialise in? 31-12-2015

    My main areas of specialisation are travel, tourism and the hotel industry - these areas reflect my personal interests and academic qualifications (I have an honours degree in History of Art and Architecture) and work experience (throughout my postgraduate studies I worked in a busy hotel, where I gained valuable inside knowledge of the hospitality industry).

    I have also acquired expertise via regular translation work in specific areas: I have translation experience in company correspondence and communication documents, merchandising and marketing materials, exhibition reviews, museum leaflets and guides, websites, company intranet and extranet sites, employee training materials, sales personnel training materials, health and safety, HR documentation, employment contracts, baby products marketing and packaging information, home electrical appliances user manuals, consumer surveys and other types of documents.

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